Zara Man - Immersed in the Forest

Zara Man - Immersed in the Forest

Optical Arts created these visuals for Zara to showcase their new fragrance range for men - Immersed in the Forest. Through a combination of stills and experimental liquid motion clips, we created a visual identity for each fragrance.

Slow-motion liquid shots create a visceral interpretation of the inside of the bottle and liquid perfume itself. The nature of the fluidity symbolises the essence of each scent; some appear smooth and elegant whilst others appear more vigorous and wild.

To capture the liquid in motion, we used a custom-built rig. Our rig allowed us to move the camera in line with the motion of the liquid itself. This helps to create the illusion of the liquid moving against gravity - giving the liquid a life of its own.


Creative Direction & Production: Optical Arts
Direction & Photography: Joe Jackson
Executive Producer: Hannah May
Producer: Rebecca Scheinberg
Camera Assistant: Elliott Lowe
Styling: Jamie-Lee Harding
Retouching & Grading: Martin Pryor
Studio Assistant: Eilish Briscoe