T - Tension

T - Tension

Letter T is an exploration into the forces of attraction; it combines elasticity, magnetic and gravitational forces within a single structure.

The letterform itself is revealed for a brief moment, following the alignment of scale and rotation. Once achieved, the magnetic attraction holding the structure in place collapses, allowing a display of fleeting shapes and forms to settle in disarray.

Behind the Scenes

A specially designed frame, encasing tens of metres of wiring, was used to support dozens of electromagnets; all electromagnets were triggered to release their attraction just after the letter T forms.


Creative Direction & Production: Optical Arts
Direction & Design: Martin Pryor
Audio: Flank Audio - Dan Streeter
Camera Assistant: Elliott Lowe
Stylist: Jamie-Lee Harding
2D: Miguel Wratten & Ben Gallagher
SFX: Asylum
Set Construction: Barry Cox