The Clove Club

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The Clove Club

Identity for Shoreditch based Michelin Star Restaurant “The Clove Club.” Inspired by the Cyanotype process invented by Sir Hohn Herschel in 1891 and then popularised by botanist and photographer Anna Atkins. We worked in collaboration with Clove Club and Everything in Between to bring these Cyanotypes to life, capturing the delicateness and unique quality of these organic hand-made prints.

Research and Development

The Clove Club's own Rike Detscher and Everything in Between taught themselves how to create cyanotypes and made over 40 plant based prints. Combining heritage and modernity, we took these as reference to create the look and texture of the plants and herbs in CG


Client: Clove Club
Design Agency: Everything in Between
Creative Direction & Production: Optical Arts
Art Direction & Design: Fabrice Le Nezet