Max Cooper - Broken Machines Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams, Broken Machines 3840x2160 / 24fps / ProRes 4444 HQ

Max Cooper - Broken Machines Broken Dreams

Optical Arts directed, designed and produced this film for artist Max Cooper - inspired by his track ‘Broken Machines Broken Dreams’, from his new Album Unspoken Words.

The film explores notions of rhythm, consciousness and celebrates the freedom in losing control; the beauty of deciding one's own path.

We are often consumed by the monotony and repetitive nature of everyday life. ‘Broken Machines Broken Dreams’ portrays the idea that if we decide to let our imagination and thoughts run wild - we could find a new comfort and rhythm in the freedom of it. In Max Cooper’s words: ‘it is about letting go and accepting a slightly odd yet harmonic resolution’.

The film concentrates on computer numerical control (CNC) machines. The methodical, repetitive and controlled instruments start to daydream, descending into a beautiful cacophony of sound and image.

Behind the Scenes

The sculptures were designed by Optical Arts with 3D modelling software allowing the machines' technicians to turn the digital designs into tool paths for material cutting.

These machines reside in the workshops of Asylum SFX, where the CNC cutting, 3D milling and 3D printers were shot on location.

The robot’s cutting precision and final outcome were expected but the journeys of their programmed sequences were unknown. Their actions are mostly repetitive with glimpses of their characters showing through at unexpected moments.


Creative Direction: Optical Arts
Director & Design: Joe Jackson
Executive Producer: Hannah May
Producer: Rebecca Scheinberg
Production Assistant: Minna Griffiths
DOP: Elliott Lowe
Styling: Jamie-Lee Harding
SFX: Asylum SFX c/o Joe Yabsley
Editor: Xavier Perkins
Colour Grading: Martin Pryor
2D Supervisor: Miguel Wratten
2D Artist: Ben Gallagher
CG Supervisor: Fabrice Le Nezet
CG Artist: Max Johnson, Leon Seith