Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon

Optical Arts directed, designed and produced this campaign for Dom Pérignon to celebrate their Vintage 2004 Plénitude II.

After 18 years, the flavours in Plénitude II mature, resulting in a re-birth of quality and flavour. We visually conveyed this by exploring the climactic moment of a solar eclipse.

Using an experimental approach, our team replicated the light and texture reminiscent of an eclipse in our studio and captured it in camera. In post-production, these light passes were combined to create atmospheric flares of light depicting the extraordinary beauty of an eclipse through all its stages.

Alongside our eclipse visuals, we created a sensory experience reflecting the characteristics of the liquid champagne itself - using innovative techniques to capture dynamic, abstract and textural shots of Plenitude II.

Behind the Scenes


Creative Direction & Production: Optical Arts
Direction & Design: Joe Jackson
Executive Producer: Hannah May
Producer: Rebecca Scheinberg
Production Assistant: Minna Griffiths
Camera Operator: Elliott Lowe
Set Design: Jamie-Lee Harding
Studio Assistant: Eilish Briscoe
Retouching: Martin Pryor
2D Supervisor: Miguel Wratten
2D Artist: Ben Gallagher
Sound Design: Sonjay Prabhakar