X – Extrusion


3840x2160px / 938fps / Prores 422HQ

X – Extrusion

Shot in Robert Adams Neo classical masterpiece, Syon House, light, perspective, movement and form are extruded to create one brief moment of clarity out of rotation, chaos and vacancy.



11608x8708px / 300dpi / 8bit Tiff

Behind the scenes

Using a combination of practical and CGI, the location at Syon House, West London was captured digitally and filmically. A 3 metre custom built light bar mounted to a motion control rig was used to illuminate the room.


Design & Direction: Optical Arts

Audio: Sonjay Prabhakar

Colourist: Martin Pryor

VFX Supervisor: Miguel Wratten

3D Artists: Fabrice Le Nezet, Ollie Harris, Luke Howell

3D Scanning: Sample & Hold

Camera Assistant: Elliott Lowe

Retouching: Martin Pryor