Refuge – 50 Years

Refuge - 50 Years

3840x2160 / 25fps / Prores 422HQ

Refuge – 50 Years

Over the last 50 years methods of abuse have evolved. The rise and progression of technology has made abuse easier. Products like smartphones, smart meters and banking apps mean that abuse can be carried out behind the scenes, and in ways that don't always leave a visible mark. People can control their partners from home or 200 miles away. Abusers can therefore get away with more, and more often.

Refuge is committed to a world where domestic violence is not tolerated and where women and children can live in safety. This campaign, made in collaboration with BBH, communicates the ever-changing job Refuge are tasked with and confronts the problem of domestic abuse in 2021 head on.


9448 x 4724 px / 8bit / TIFF


9448 x 4724 px / 8bit / TIFF


9448 x 4724 px / 8bit / TIFF

Research & Development

As this campaign had to feel like a new tech launch, we first had to design our very own new devices. We experimented with many options before reaching our final designs.

We then had to make the devices feel real. As with any typical CG product film, references are key to reaching a high level of photorealism. We wanted to take this a step further and bring our live action lighting experience into the CG process. We photographed and filmed a series of bespoke elements that were specific to each shot. We staged and lit a placeholder phone in our studio taking bracketed HDRs for every lighting setup. We filmed the lights moving to gain reference for the effect it had on different edges and materials. We then shot subtle volumetric backgrounds to add later in 2D. A final touch of realism was achieved by shooting lens grids, lens kernels (for accurate depth of field) and lens distortion which we composited into the final shots.

IMG_9113 2
Refuge_Web Shot1


Direction, Design & Production: Optical Arts

Directed by : Fabrice Le Nezet & Dan Tobin Smith

Executive Producer & Producer : Hannah May

Lead 3D Artist: Ben Cantor

3D Artist: Nicolas Damour

3D Artist: Leon Seith

2D Supervisor: Miguel Wratten

2D Artist: Ben Gallagher

Retouching: Martin Pryor

Edit : Mathew Cronin

Phone screensaver content directed by: Joe Jackson for Optical Arts

Live Action Reference Photography: Elliott Lowe