I – Information

I - Information

1350x1080 / 25fps / Prores 422HQ

I – Information

"The more ordered something is, the less information you need to fully describe it"

In 1948, Claude Shannon used thermodynamics and entropy to create a new abstract definition of information, divorced from having to be about anything but rather studying the transmission, processing, extraction and utilisation of information itself.
Information theory has since been used in multiple applications in theory and technology such as AI, cybernetics, the development of the internet, thermal physics and neural logy to name a few.

Behind the Scenes

Exploding eggs captured in camera at 938fps. Airguns were used to break the eggs, timing was key to get the eggs to break in synchronisation as a 10th of a second delay in real time equates to 3.75s in high speed.


Creative Direction & Production: Optical Arts

VFX Supervisor: Miguel Wratten

Camera Assistant: Elliott Lowe